Martin Luther King   It's because of Martin Luther King Jr. and the efforts of his supporters that America came to understand the power of nonviolent protest. The Voting Rights Act protects African Americans' right to vote. He also played a major part in the passage of
The Psychology and Meaning of Colors   After researching I made the shortest CHEAT SHEET I could. I hope you enjoy learning a bit about yourself and use this to portray what you want in your professional life as in your personal life.There is a reason why
I've decided to make a post about wearing colors vs black because I'm finding myself in a new stage where I want to wear colors, believe it or not. I'm never wearing colors. I've never felt comfortable in colors, especially patterns like this pattern see-through

Maria Pretelt

Feel fearless and powerful with  -Ziggy & The Stones-

Ziggy & The Stones mission is to make you look and feel fearless and powerful in order to achieve whatever is that you want. My brand is inspired by the people who surrounds me and my love for American and British Rock & Roll music. Ziggy & The Stones is created for #AConsciousRebel. Rebel by birth, conscious by choice.

Our collections are filled with energy from our stones #ziggyandthestones.


At Ziggy you’ll find a mix of of recycled metals and fair trade gemstones.

To see the collections go to www.ziggyandthestones.com



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