ING Half Marathon

ING Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

ING Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

I\’m officially registered for the ING Half Marathon Miami this January 27th. Its 13.1 miles. The most I\’ve ran is 12 miles.
I\’ve always wanted to do 2 things. Run, and be involved in some kind of charity. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society gave me the opportunity to do it and train me to do it. Its been months of training and asking people to donate to the patients with cancer, which has been harder than I thought.

Ran 12 Miles

I\’ve learnt a lot during this journey. Friends I thought would definitely donate, even if I asked 10 times, never did. And people who I asked 1 time and had not seen me for years or haven\’t talk with in a long time, did.

I\’ve learnt that you never know what to expect, or from who to expect it. The people you thought respected you, don\’t. And the people you thought didn\’t care about you, do. And of course, certain people (you can count with one hand) you know are there for you no matter what, are.

I want to thank the people who has been part of this journey with me. Asking me about it, helping me with translations, with ideas, donating, motivating me to go running when I didn\’t feel like it, caring for me when injured (just couple of toe nails, knee and feet pain, nothing big), telling me how proud they are for what I\’m doing, … It means to me more than you know.

And for the people who didn\’t, chose a charity and donate. Or be part of one. If you want information about The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and how to get involve I\’ll be happy to help.

I\’m now thinking what to do next. Which charity I can get involve in. And which running team I\’d like to be part of. Or if I\’ll be back with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I will decide after I finish my first Half Marathon and maybe start training for a full (26.2 miles).

(I\’m getting nervous!)